Automatic-systems ดาวน์โหลดไฟล์ pdf 

1.Housing made of folded and welded sheet steel, from 2 to 6 mm thick, protected by cataphoresis and two coats of structured paint (standard colour: orange RAL2000).
2. Internal mechanical elements treated by electrogalvanisation. 3. Side door giving access to the mechanism, with security lock.
4. Removable cover, locked by key. 5. Aluminium tube boom arm, varnished white with red reflecting stripes and end-sealing. 6. Arm shaft mounted on two life-lubricated ball bearings. The protrusion of the shaft, centred on the housing side, allows it to be easily reversed from one side of the housing to the other: arm on the left or on the right of the framework housing. 7. Arm balancing by springs. 8. Electro-mechanical assembly including:

• An asynchronous three-phase geared motor.

Versatile rising barrier for medium to high flow traffic: perimeter fencing, traffic management, parking areas, etc. Conventions H H

Solution l (std)
• Movement transmission by crankshaft-rod device insuring mechanical locking of the boom arm in end positions. • Automatic barrier unlocking device in case of power failure, opening then being possible by hand. • Frequency converter ensuring progressive accelerations and controlled decelerations, for a vibration-free movement and enhanced protection of the mechanism.
• Limit switches activated by leaf spring.

9. Lever for manual unlocking (if not automatic mode set up).

10. AS1320 control board enabling various additional commands and/or accessory options Solution 2

11. Adjustable information contacts:
• State of the barrier’s position (open or closed),

• State of the presence detectors,

• Command for master-slave barriers (movement of one barrier controlled by the other barrier),

12. Fixing frame to be fixed in a concrete base to be provided by the customer.



1. Push button(s) box.
2. Key switch on housing.
3. Command by radio transmitter/receiver.
4. Inductive loops for cars or trucks detection.
5. Presence detector for inductive loops.
6. Photo electric cell (automatic opening, closing after passage, safety).
7. Cell support post.
8. Cell fixed on housing.
9. Aluminium rigid folding skirt for round arm (a).
10. Flat folding arm (a) (b).
11. Round folding arm (a) (b).
12. Arm swing-off device in case of vehicle impact (a).
13. Detector for arm swing-off. 14. Rubber protection profile on arm (a).
15. Standard tip support for round arm (a). 16. Folding tip support for round arm (a).
17. Electro-magnetic tip support for round arm (a).
18. Boom lighting (LED).
19. Traffic lights (LED) fixed on a post on housing.
20. Traffic lights (LED).
21. Support post for traffic lights.
22. STOP traffic sign 0400 mm on the boom arm (a).
23. Non standard RAL colour.
24. Analogue sensor for accurate boom movement management (boom feedback). Recommended option for arms > 4.5 m in windy sites.
25. Raised base.
26. 120 VAC, 60 Hz power supply (reduces performances).
27. Double limit switches for information on BL status in the event of power failure.
28. Heating resistance 80W, for operation down to -35°C.
29. Plastic folding fence (a).
30. Flashing light on cover.
31. Electronic board for Input/Output extension (CAN)
32.Electronic board for third-party traffic lights control. switches in case of door and cover opening.
34. Cooling for Variable Speed Controller.